Frequently Asked Questions

Side Effects & Health

After using FGH, my hair went a slight shade of red, what should I do?

Any red shade is a result of applying too much of the FGH solution. You do not need to do anything as it will wear off on its own within a few days.

Please re-read the instruction manual, which we added to your package of FGH. There is information that says you should use only a small amount of FGH each time.

Please continue to use only small amounts of FGH.

Is there any chance that when using FGH, I will end up with a hair colour that was not my original?

There is no chance of this happening. With the correct application of FGH, you can only reach your natural hair colour.

I applied FGH to my hair yesterday. Today, some spots on my nails are changing colour. Why is that?

The FGH works by removing the oxygen out of various bodily tissues, including collagen and keratin proteins.

These are present in your nails and nail beds, so when these come into contact with FGH, the deoxidation process can cause a change of colour of your nails.

That is why we highly recommend washing your hands and nails. Also, remove any trace of FGH from your sanitary ware, furniture or anywhere else, where you may have accidentally gotten FGH.

If you wash any affected areas immediately (you may only need warm water), then it should come out. If you spot stains after a few hours or days, it is much harder to get rid of them, but in most cases, bleach will help.

Unfortunately, once you drop FGH on your clothes, you will not be able to wash it off.

Therefore we recommend you to fully cover your clothes while using FGH or don’t wear any at all!

I am using FGH, and my original hair colour is back. Am I now able to dye my hair if I wish?

Yes, you can use a hair dye. However, we highly recommend you to wait at least three months since your last use of FGH.

A period of three months also applies if you want to use FGH, but you have dyed hair. Just make sure you are applying FGH to that part of your hair, that is free of any colour.

Is FGH harmless? What about side effects, such as hair loss?

FGH has passed several careful tests (for heavy metals, for skin irritation and general harm) that comply with the latest regulations for cosmetic products published by the European Commision.

Also, independent Cosmetic Product Safety Assessors have analyzed FGH, and it passed the registration process at the Central Registration of Cosmetic Products in Brussels.

Because it is harmless, safe and 100% legal, you can find FGH also on the EU market.

Can I use FGH for Women during pregnancy & while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can. Ingredients in FGH are never absorbed into the body and therefore are harmless and not dangerous for either mother or baby during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

This product is harmless and safe to use for everybody – of any race, sex or age.

I used the whole bottle of FGH at once. Am I in any danger?

No, don’t worry. The worst-case scenario is that your hair will turn a shade of red, but it will go away after a few days.

You can speed this up by washing your hair several times a day. Our FGH formula is 100% harmless.

Application of FGH

I wash my hair every day. Can I wash my hair immediately after applying FGH?

No. Every cosmetic product needs some time before it starts to take action.

If you wash your hair immediately after applying FGH to your scalp, your hair roots will not have enough time to absorb its unique enzymatic formula.

It is almost the same principle as when you use hand cream to moisturize your skin. Also, in this case, you are not going to wash your hands immediately after its application.

We recommend the following technique of application of FGH: Apply our solution to dry hair, then wait for 3-4 minutes and dry your hair with a hairdryer.

This way, you will remove any extra solution you may have applied to your hair roots and will also speed up the entire process.

Can I use a hairdryer after applying FGH to my hair?

Yes. We highly recommend using a hairdryer after each application of FGH, as it will remove any extra solution you may have applied and will also help to speed up the entire process.

What is the correct way to apply FGH?

The FGH bottle has a duckbill spray nozzle, which helps you to apply only small amounts of the FGH directly onto your scalp (to the hair roots).

We recommend drying your hair after the application of FGH with a hairdryer. 

The frequency of the product application depending on the type, colour, and especially the thickness of your hair/beard.

We recommend applying the product once a day for the first 7-10 days. If you are satisfied with the result, you can limit the application to 2-3 times per week.

In case the grey hair persists after 10 days of using the product, continue applying the same, once a day. 

Does it mean that during this first one to two weeks I will use an entire bottle?

This really depends, and you may even need two bottles to reach your original colour.

The amount needed on each use depends on your hair density, hair length, the length of time you have been grey, your age and other factors.

Some people may need two bottles whereas for some one bottle will last for longer. The first bottle usually lasts for one to two weeks. Once you reach your natural colour you should be ok with one bottle per month.

If you find you do need two bottles per month, which does not happen to everybody, you will still find it cheaper than going to a salon to have your hair dyed.

Do I need to use it before or after shower?

Use FGH after the shower on dry hair. You only need to apply FGH and let it dry.

We recommend using a hairdryer after the application of FGH. Please, do not wash your hair after the application of FGH.

The Way FGH Works

Why is FGH sold in 3 variations (for men, for women, and for beard & moustache)?

When we first started developing FGH, we wanted to produce only one unisex product.

During the years of our trials and tests with volunteers, we discovered that the concept of a single FGH formula is not realistic.

Women’s hair is more fragile than men’s. Not only that, in beards and moustaches are dust mites which degrade the enzyme’s activity.

These are the reasons why three variations of FGH are manufactured so that each one can provide the best and most effective option for your grey hair.

I have noticed that since I started using FGH, my hair is more supple than it used to be before. Is there any toner in FGH?

No, there isn’t any toner. The elasticity occurs from a change in the molecular structure of deoxidized melanin.

You are not only getting the colour of your youth but also the suppleness – this is one of the positive effects of our unique FGH formula.

I want to use FGH, but I am albino my whole life. What colour of hair will I get?

If you are albino, you can use our product with no fear. Albinism is a genetic state in which the cells that usually produce the catalase enzyme do not contain the gene that regulates this production, which is why your hair does not have any colour.

Our product contains an enzyme which will help your hair have a colour for the first time! It will become the same colour your mother or father has.

How is it possible that I can colour my hair from the inside?

FGH does not colour your hair. Our product is a natural solution which utilizes our detailed knowledge of the underlying reason to why your hair goes grey.

FGH supplies your hair roots with a special enzyme which takes the oxygen out of your hair pigment and thus enables your hair to  go back to its original hair colour.

What will happen if I stop using FGH?

Your hair will turn grey within approximately two months after you stop applying our product.

This is because FGH restores the natural hair deoxidation process which your body used to do but no longer does on its own.

Is it true that FGH only works when applied to my hair roots?

Not at all. FGH should be applied near your hair roots to prevent a visible white line forming between coloured and grey hair, but our formula works over the entire length of your hair.